Sunday, 4 April 2010

Our Outcome

Hey everyone,

Thank you to everyone who downloaded 'History Makers' this past week...

Although we weren't number one in the mainstream Radio 1 chart, we did reach no 4 ( ) AND we topped Radio 1's Indie Chart ( ) - which is as good as reaching number one.

I have to say that this week has been really tough for me personally - I broke up from school on Wednesday and had to sit my grade 7 piano in the afternoon, and was just completely shattered from a really hectic term - so this has been an encouragement for me in SO MANY ways...

Firstly the success of the Facebook group: thousands strong, the majority of us united in our desire to give our secular Easter back to Him and bring glory to Him, regardless of denomination or doctrinal beliefs. This was highlighted by the lack of disagreement or general bickering that usually is the result of lots of denominations coming together, and the biblical and gentle responses to people trying to discredit our faith by quoting controversial bits of the Bible out of context. This is no feeble group trying to get a relatively unknown song by Ben Cantelon or Tim Hughes to Christmas Number One.

One of the many thousands of wall posts commented that this could be a sign of revival in our country that pastors have been talking about for the last few years (including mine) - whether this proves to be true or not, it's undoubtedly proved to our society that

Jesus is not dead; Christianity is not dead; Christians are not dead; We are ALIVE and KICKING! And we will continue to spread the truth and love of our amazing Saviour, even when it looks impossible.

Secondly, the faithfulness of Alistair Kent, the pastor from Nottingham, also really encouraged me - his decision to pray and fast yesterday instead of continuing to tirelessly promote the campaign really highlighted the real aim of the group - to honour and glorify Jesus, and not Delirious nor ourselves, and to trust in Him. Also the enthusiasm of friends on Facebook, who I was pleased to see also promoted it, despite some Christians who were incredibly and surprisingly sniffy about it.

Also the fact that we made it into the top ten - for me that's equally as satisfying as a number one, and though I had doubts that people would actually download it, I was astounded this week as I checked iTunes everyday and it climbed higher and higher. At one point mid-week it was at number 3! Truly amazing!!

Moreover, how Delirious finally have achieved the recognition they deserve for 17 years hard work and amazing presence - as someone who was at their final ever concert, I can't tell you how happy I feel that I've made them happy, evident from Martin Smith's message -

Furthermore, how God has clearly been at work in something as mediocre as our popular music charts and how He has introduced such a confident asset to our future evangelism and the way the media views us from now on. He can use us all in little ways to make such a big difference - at the time it may feel like nothing, but every little thing has been planned by him and all amounts to something significant in the end.

Hopefully I will come back to blog again soon, now that I only have revision and a driving test to prepare for, but will have to wait and see!

I really hope you've had a lovely Easter (I know I've had the one most focused on Jesus's death and resurrection so far in my life) and God bless,

in Christ,

Imogen xxx

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