Tuesday, 30 March 2010

... I'm Back!

Hi peeps,

I am back momentarily

(having managed to complete my EPQ (my extended essay of 5,000 words about the printing press), my history coursework (4,000 words), my english coursework (3,000 words EXCLUDING quotations) and my grade 8 cello exam this term so far)

to urge you in this week running up to Easter to....

1) Go to http://www.invadetheairwaves.org.uk/

2) Read everything carefully

3) If you are persuaded and able to do so ... download 'History Makers' ONLY from the links listed on this page http://www.invadetheairwaves.org.uk/buy-the-single.html and join the Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/invadetheairwaves

4) PRAY that this action not only will raise money for projects urgently needed in poverty-stricken countries, but glorify The One who forever changed the course of History, and to whom Easter is ALL about.

Thank you!

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