Friday, 4 December 2009

The End of An Era

Well, over a year ago, I wrote a review of Delirious' album Mission Bell and lamented the fact that Delirious?, after seventeen years together, were splitting up.

However this Sunday I was one of the privileged few to attend their final gig at Hammersmith Apollo, which was absolutely brilliant!! (That's basically my entire review)

But the astonishing thing I never knew, after scouting around YouTube for any interesting videos about Delirious?, was that they actually released songs into the mainstream in 2001, and they appeared on both CBBC AND Live and Kicking!

To me it's absolutely shocking that firstly an internationally famous Christian band across the globe, leaving an unarguable legacy behind them in regards to their popularity and how long they've been together, actually made it into the secular media (even if it wasn't for very long). Nothing remotely positive regarding Christianity, especially music, is ever aired, ever. And if it is, it's twisted and warped into something it's not by reporters who blow inaccuracies out of proportion and take the focus away from the actual music being played.

Secondly, I was also utterly amazed that their singles from their album were prevented from being played on Radio 1's play list, according to Wikipedia (though the validity of their information does come into question greatly). No wonder we can never get Tim Hughes, or Matt Redman or Ben Cantelon or LZ7 or Blush UK or Guvna B or any other slightly famous Christian bands/singers to the top 40 anymore. Even Cliff Richard has lost his charm (if he possessed any in the first place).

So, the question is -- what happens next? The ageing members have gone their separate ways to work on new projects...

What lies ahead for the Christian music industry?

Will there be a future at all?

What do you think?

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