Sunday, 10 May 2009

Why I hate religion

Sorry for not updating this in the last few weeks. I have my AS levels very soon so am trying to revise (!!!) In the meantime, a relative of mine posted this up on Facebook last night, and from reading it I couldn't agree more with what he says. Here it is:

'This may seem a strange post coming from a born again Christian...but I want you all to know that I hate religion.

Why, you may be wondering...isn't this what you are living for, and all about?

Well, in a word, No!

The Bible teaches clearly that we have been made to have a relationship with God, not perform a load of duties for a distant God who we are worried is going to smite us if we don't do what he tells us. The Bible says that this kind of obligation-based living on its own is dung (to use a pleasant word). If this is the kind of experience you have had of Christianity then let me apologise, seriously.

Everyone hates people who are self-righteous, and this is what a lot of 'religious' people can be like, because they feel very proud of their moral performance to make God happy.

I want you all to know that anyone that claims to be a Christian should be among the least self-righteous people you ever meet. Why?, you may ask. You religious types are all the same, you want everyone to know how good you are.

Well, this is not the case and let me explain why:


This is where many religious groups believe that if they are a good enough person they will be saved by God and spend eternity in heaven. The Bible refers to these efforts as being about as pleasant to God's mind as a used tampon! Pretty graphic isn't it...


This means that its a free gift.... If you know that you're not perfect (which you're not...and i'm certainly not) and God is, then you will recognise correctly that we are not on an equal footing with him. So because of this we can't enter into a relationship with him... so how do we solve this problem?

Work harder... read the bible more... pray... wrong!

Jesus came and lived the perfect life that we couldn't and God substituted him in our place. He took the just punishment that we should have, and so if you accept that Jesus did this for you as a free gift (because he loves you!!) then you can know the joy of having an intimate personal relationship with him.

Jesus came to give life to the full (John 10:10)... not to kill it, and the way we get this is by knowing our creator God by relationship...not ritualistic do-gooding.

The joy that comes from this wonderful relationship is incredible, it sets your life on a rock which will not be moved and you then get to realise the plans that God has for your life.'

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