Wednesday, 17 December 2008

That's Christmas

I've become more and more aware in this society that the true meaning of Christmas is lost: under a pile of wrapped presents, father christmases, pine trees, reindeers, tv programme specials, festive discounts, cards with snowy white snow, shopping sprees, turkey dinners, brussel sprouts, spending time with members of family you only see once a year, christmas songs played 24/7 from the beginning of November to early January and occasional visits to churches which are dusty, where the sermon is strange and almost foreign, with hymns with words of great meaning easily passed over when sung in the congregation as if they were not written for a purpose.

Why do we celebrate at this time of year? How come Jesus doesn't seem very important anymore?

This awesome video really gets to the heart of what Christmas is all about and I hope you'll find it useful. Merry Christmas! xox

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