Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I can't do this alone

I've been thinking recently about why I blog. Why I keep on posting on this blog.

I've realised that often I want to write just my thoughts, often which aren't particularly encouraging or constructive. But I'm a creative person... I have to express myself without being hindered by restrictions.

I thought about changing this blog. Changing the title, the purpose, even the domain name. But that I could not do.

I know that this blog and my messages have helped people. Not that many, but still, helping one person is never bad. Sometimes it gets me down that hardly anyone gives me that much feedback, but I know that if I did receive loads, I'd get cocky and not give the full credit to Jesus for leading me to parts of Scripture which feel ring true. I still always don't give the full credit to Jesus, what He truly deserves, which is far greater than anything we could fathom.

I've started a blog just for me, so I can record what I'm actually feeling and thinking, instead of posting my messages I've sent to people via Facebook on here.

However, I still want to continue with what I set out to do: to encourage fellow brothers and sisters in Christ with God's word. And I can't do this by myself.

I know you may be thinking that I am very clever (I'm seriously not) to be writing these types of messages and sending them to people, even setting up a group on facebook so others can view them, and that I want to study theology or religious studies at university.

I don't. Firstly, I'm not qualified enough: for a strange reason I didn't take RS for GCSE, though many people said I should have done and I wish I had, and am therefore not studying RS, either ethics or philosophy, for A-levels. I have not been to Bible college like loads of people I know have (though they're obviously older than me), and my extent of studying the Bible in depth is reading it almost every day for a few minutes in the morning, when I'm usually only vaguely aware of what God's trying to remind me of and am not really with it; in my youth group, where I think we get excellent teaching compared to other youth groups I've heard about, and in my minister's sermons in the evening services; sometimes in our school CU, although a lot of it is mostly made up of discussions about things which I don't think really matter in the grand scheme of things; and finally on camp (yes, on camp, not 'at' camp... it doesn't make any sense when it's grammatically correct) and conferences I've been on with church, where I've heard other people preaching the Bible.

Basically, in short, to encourage someone in Christ is something any Christian can do. And I want you out there to help me.

I think I've asked you lot out in cyberspace before about also encouraging online, but I implore you now - don't let this blog die.

I'm looking for someone or someones to write this blog with. Preferably who I know, but anyone with a heart for God and for spurring each other on would be great.

If this sounds up your street, just contact me in some way (i.e. leave a message on this post or e-mail me or whatever), explaining exactly why you want to collaborate with me and persuading me to collaborate with you, in good written English with continuous prose (no txt tlk pls!). I also want proof that you are who you say you are, (leave that to your own imagination) and a sincere promise that you will only contribute things that are encouraging and taken from God's word, and will not use this blog for anything else.

If I sound too trusting (I'm not entirely sure whether you share personal details if you collaborate) and too needy, tell me immediately. I not only want you to be encouraged, but for you to encourage each other in the promises of our holy saviour, who can always comfort us.

God bless

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