Sunday, 7 September 2008

Delirious? 'Mission Bell' - a review

When it comes to buying new albums as soon as they come out, I'm particularly rubbish at it. It doesn't help much either when one orders something online. Amazon spent over a year trying to post me 'Mission Bell', which meant that instead of listening to it around this time last year in 2007, I've ended up listening to it three years after it was released. Quite a long time to wait for a CD to come.

Just at the right time too. After 15 years of recording and performing their widely popular songs in mainly Christian circles around the world, Delirious? announced a few months ago that they are breaking up.

I haven't always been a hardcore fan (or just a fan). In fact, I only started listening to 'World Service' properly on my iPod during my quiet times at camp last year. I've also discovered over the last couple of years that Martin Smith and Stu G have written a lot of contempory worship songs that I love to sing, like 'I could sing of your love forever' and 'Shout to the North'. A couple of my Christian friends were astounded that I had never heard any of their stuff before.

Having listened to this album, I can conclude that waiting over a year for it was definitely well worth it, as it has greatly encouraged me to spread the word of God and to be bold about our faith.

I immediately loved the first track 'Stronger' , beginning with what sounded like an orchestra tuning up before a performance, instantly hushed with the entrance of the guitar and Martin Smith's vocals. The next two tracks 'Now is the time' and 'Solid Rock' were also very catchy, and I got to hear more of Tobymac, as I'm only familiar with 'Burn for you' and DC Talk's ancient song 'Jesus Freak'. The lyrics emphasise our need to do what Paul tells us to do in Philippians 2:15 and Psalm 18:31, to trust in God alone as our foundation and to live differently as God's chosen people. (These tracks also reminded me of some of U2's stuff for some random reason).

Just picking a few of the other tracks to discuss (so I don't bore you), 'Our God Reigns' deals brilliantly with the issues of poverty, injustice and sin that are rife in this world: for example, spreading disease of HIV and deaths of babies born and unborn, and assures us that God is still there even when it doesn't seem like it, and He still has the power.

'Paint the Town Red' should be an anthem to all Christians to get us out into our communities and share the truth with unbelievers that only Jesus's blood can save us - it is a call to evangelism and, according to Wikipedia, one of the band's worst singles released in the UK secular music charts. Anyway, I liked it.

As I have a varied and rather random collection of music I like to listen to, I love Clannad, an Irish new-age band which have been going since the 70's... even my Mum's listened to them! Anyway, I read somewhere recently that Moya Brennan, the lead singer, became a Christian as , after drug and alcohol abuse and an abortion, she decided to re-evaluate her life and turn to Christ.

Moya has a beautiful, unique and very ethreal voice... before I even looked at the cover in the CD, I knew that it was her singing in the background of 'I'll See You'. It almost brought tears to my ears as it was so haunting and lovely.

I truly recommend you go out and buy this CD if you want music that will encourage you to share your faith and to keep on trusting in God. Whereas their previous album 'World Service' seems to focus on united worship and truths about Jesus, this album also focuses on worship but the kind of worship that has to be carried out with our actions and a change of attitude, described in Romans 12:1.

This is a definite must-have... go and get your hands on a copy! xox

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The Editrix said...

I agree! It's a fantastic album. Their earlier CDs are well worth getting, too - particularly "Glo" and "King of Fools" - "Mezzamorphis" is a great album too. As is the album from Delirious, "Kingdom of Comfort". I'm bit of a Delirious fan, as you can probably tell!!

I've enjoyed looking at your blog. I found it via the Rebelution forums.

Blessings, The Editrix