Sunday, 18 May 2008

Flooded with God's peace

I'm doing my GCSEs. Nuff said if you've done them before. A few weeks ago I was feeling scared, terrified and above all stressed, though often it didn't really show.

However, (though I've only sat four papers out of twenty I have to sit), I feel so relaxed, calm and collected... so much more than I did in the mocks. I know in my heart, and my mum commented when I spoke to her about it, that this is God really filling me with His peace and effectively calming me down.

It's strange that this should happen now... in Year 7 I was very stressed, Year 8 was almost the same amount, Year 9 was alright, last year was fine and this year I've felt almost totally at ease, when really important exams for the rest of my life are just around the corner. I've concluded that this is due to my journey with Christ and how he's gradually changing me to be more like Him.

So, I really want to thank you, God ... for calming me down and being with me, through these exams and through my life so far. You are truly amazing!

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