Friday, 11 January 2008


Hallelujah - (written last night while listening to Paramore's song with the same title)

Hallelujah... what more can I say?
Thank You for making me smile today.
Hallelujah... another thing, if I may?
Thank You for listening to every word I say.

Creator of all... that's what You are,
You know the name of every planet and star.
Essential for living... that's what You are:
Without You we wouldn't get very far.

Reedemer... that word describes You well:
You picked me up just after I fell.
Saviour... that word too describes You well -
I'll trust in Your salvation, so I won't end up in hell.

Shining... You're pure and bright,
Thanks for helping me see the light.
Warrior.. who can match Your might?
Thank you for Your armour in this spiritual fight.

Healer... I don't know where to start!
Thanks for mending my broken heart.
Faithful - we'll never be apart...
Thanks for Your love that will never depart.

Hallelujah.. what more can I say?
I know You're going to come back one day.
Hallelujah.. I may on earth decay,
But in Heaven no longer will I be mere clay.


Lying on the floor, too tired to move,
Crying tears of shame and sorrow:
I don't deserve Your grace, Your love,
I don't deserve to face tomorrow

Only You can fix me
Only You can forgive
Only You can save me
Only You can let me live

In my mind's eye I see salvation:
Your lifeless body hanging on a cross.
If I trust in You there'll be no condemnation,
And all my good works I'll count as loss.

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