Sunday, 1 April 2007

Why we should share our faith

Personally I struggle sharing my faith with non believers, but I received an e-mail from my friend which had a letter from Christians in Turkey, whose fellow believers had been murdered in a Bible printing warehouse. I briefly heard about this at church a few weeks ago, but when I read it I was filled with grief and horror about the disgusting ways they were tortured and the fact that they were murdered too.

I can't show this e-mail on the website because it may put more lives in Turkey at risk, as it has names on it that could be traced and its extremely long.
I realised how blessed I and many other believers are to be living in this country, where there is freedom of speech and what happened to these brothers because of their beliefs is unlikely to happen over here. And these killings don't just happen in Turkey, but all over the world.

I think we should really pray for believers and missionaries in Turkey and in other places around the world who are trying to spread the Word in dangerous environments. And I think we should pray for people in places where we are free to say what we want, like in this country, that we will be bold with sharing what we believe.

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