Monday, 23 April 2007

Sorry I haven't written for ages,
Hope you who are reading this are feeling encouraged, and if you are not after going on this website, please leave me a message and I will try and make it so it is more encouraging.
In the past month I have discovered facebook, and though it is very useful in getting in touch with people from my junior school, some of my cousins and people I met on LymingtonRushmore, it is sadly very addictive and I am trying not to use it. It'll probably make me fail my GCSEs at the rate this is going so far...
If you haven't visited this site for a while, I have added some more stuff.. like other websites to look at (please tell me of any more that should deserve recognition), how I became a Christian and a truly amazing passage from Ezekiel about the valley of dry bones - showing how powerful and amazing God is.
The next e-mail I have written already and will send at the beginning of May, when I have checked through it throroughly and made sure it is encouraging.
I really hope that today, because I am going to the orthodontist, that he says that I don't have to wear my retainer in the day anymore, for since January, I have had to wear a retainer 24/7, apart from when I'm eating.
It's an utter pain in the neck, 'cos it grosses people out when I have to take it out in public. It does discourage me from snacking though. However, people will be able to see that my teeth are properly straight (yay!) and I will be able to chew gum again, for the first time in about five years... teachers may disapprove of that because I'm sure they're tired of saying every five minutes when they are in lessons... 'Spit your gum out'... 'Put what you're eating in the bin please'... 'Chantelle, you still haven't got rid of your gum, have you?' etc But there is evidence that says chewing gum boost blood circulation to the brain and that students who do chew gum do a lot better in exams than those who don't.
On that note, I hope everyone in the world who has tests, exams, university finals and stuff they have to revise for does really well. Remember God knows everything and he can help you in whatever you are facing at the moment.
Your sister in Christ
Imogen xxx

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