Saturday, 31 March 2007

Websites - really good website with presentations on different topics (run by the Crusaders or 'Urban Saints') - a website that has a forum which I benefited (and sometimes do benefit!) from a lot, and I used their Bible notes as well. - if you haven't mind your mind up about Jesus and want to find out more about him, this is the site to visit. - a website I rediscovered that feels like it's been a bit neglected - a place to keep up to date with Christian music - a website i need to visit more often, to keep up to date with Christian music... its just my computer is a bit rubbish and the radio that you can listen to keeps pausing every five seconds, which isn't great. Your computer is probably a lot more sophisticated than mine, and it probably loads quicker too. - an online American christian teen girl magazine - a really good camp run by the Titus trust - it's a mission set up by tearfund so many Christians across the world can pray for an end to poverty in poverty stricken areas with God's help. - a really good website that gives a step by step guide to God's rescue plan, ideal if you don't really know what a Christian is. (Thanks very much to Jeff Hay, because I remember the Bible study we did in Motiv8 looking at these diagrams and to Ruth, my cousin, for displaying this link on her facebook page...hope it's okay advertising it on here, I think more people need to check it out!) - to all the sisters in Christ out there! - the articles they have in the archives are quite interesting to read. - a very encouraging letter to Christian girls who are waiting for 'the one' - a band, who I feel is my duty to spread the word about them as I am related to one of the members. You can hear what they sound like at and also watch their podcasts on Youtube by clicking on the icon and the bottom of ... If you were at Spring Harvest this year on week 1 or 2, you probably saw them play, and they've even had a mention on the web music page on premier radio (if it suprises you, it definitely suprised me for some random reason). - when you don't have a Bible to hand - there's a 'wailing wall' to put up prayer requests, so others can pray for you, and it's got topics to pray for around the world. - find out how we as young christians can make a difference... 'activist' their magazine is really useful - new radio show I just saw on and they issue podcasts, which is handy.
Blogs that are generally more interesting, thought provoking and more frequently added to than mine, check them out!

If you know of any websites you find really encouraging or useful and you think they should be added, please tell me and I will put them up on this web page!

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