Saturday, 31 March 2007

Videos I recommend you watch

(By the way, because I recently added the embedded videos from Youtube(or something), so you don't have to click on a hyperlink etc, after you've seen a video there will probably be other videos that you can watch on the menu that comes up. I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE OTHER VIDEOS (obviously) AND THE ONES I PLACED UP ORIGINALLY ARE THE ONES I ORIGINALLY WANTED YOU TO WATCH. So for example, after the panda sneeze video, lots of other videos will come up on its screen, like an angry cat, or more videos of pandas. Some are not related at all to what the original video was, like on the shortfall video, afterwards you have the option of viewing models taking a short fall off a catwalk, not something I'd want to watch. These are videos I enjoy watching sometimes, and they are not neccessarily all encouraging. It's just some entertainment.)

I can't wait till I'm an assistant leader on camp!

Bless you!

The Shortfall podcasts

Shortfall podcast 1 - - an introduction to the band

Shortfall podcast 2 - - the band playing at Skegness

Shortfall podcast 3- - the band playing at Minehead, with a guest appearance from a guy called Duncan who does a very interesting cymbal dance.

Shortfall podcast 4 -

Shortfall podcast 5 -

Shortfall 'All Fall Down' video -

Be Part of a Miracle -
Million Voices - Barlowgirl - an anthem for our generation

Very funny indeed... and it makes you think.

A really good video (obviously!)

Is there more to life than this?

Christian music artists talking about counter culture that Jesus brings, which clashes against what the world wants.

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