Friday, 16 March 2007

Hey, it's me...
Had another really tiring week, though by this time in a week my cello exam will be over! This morning I had a really good song in my head and because I watched the video for it last night on youtube, (and because it takes ages to load I replayed a lot of it lol). The band is Superchic[k] and the song is called 'We live' and its a really uplifting song... It reminds us that God's given us each day to live and so we should really make the most of everyday because we never know when we're going to die.
The link is or if that links wrong just go to the main website and type it in the search engine
You've probably heard that they're trying to stop CUs meeting in univercities because they want non-christians to lead them too... This is analogous to a left wing political party welcoming people of a right wing persuasion into their Leadership, which seems pretty stupid!!
Here is the link
Gotta go, I'm going to watch the Red Nose programme on the TV!
from Imogen xxx

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