Saturday, 31 March 2007


The Good Book - The Bible
This is a best seller across the world! Pick up a copy now if you haven't already! It's a good idea to get notes you can read with it and help you understand it. My advice is to not start at the beginning from Genesis if it's your first time reading it, but read one of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John) and then after that if you're still interested and decide you want to become a Christian, read on in Acts and letters in the New Testament, about how you can follow Jesus.

Soul Sista - How to be a girl of God by Beth Redman
More people should definitely read this book. Personally I think I should have read it long before I did. This is a book for anyone who calls themselves a Christian and has a desire to follow Jesus and live a life for Him... male and female between the ages of 11 and 25. Girls, read it and find out that you are totally loved by God and everytime He looks at you, He just adores what He sees. And guys, get this book anyway (even if you may get some strange looks at the book shop) and read it... go on, I dare you. Even Tim Hughes and Matt Redman say you should read it, if that's an incentive (?!)

Soul Sista - The truth shall set you free by Beth Redman
This is kind of like a sequel to 'how to be a girl of God' but it doesn't have to be. I find this book deals with the same issues as it but there is a lot more detail discussed and frequently asked questions, which are very helpful. If you liked 'how to be a girl of god' you'll like this as well.

Hanging in there by John Dickson
A must have book for anyone who's just become a Christian and is starting to live for Jesus, or a Christian that desperately needs encouragement. This is written by someone who has been there, done that, got the t-shirt and most importantly he gives very good advice if your parents and members of your family are not Christian and think you are a little strange for believing what you believe. And it also has a good section about doubts and helpful Bible verses. Every young christian should have a copy of this book as well as a Bible.

Different by Eleanor Davies
My first impression of this book that it was going to be pretty cheesy throughout. But in fact it deals with some very prominent issues in our culture today, and ponders where we should as Christians should draw the line on how far we should go when we go out with someone, and what our relationships are like in general. It's a story of a girl called Evie who's 16 and her friendship with a good friend of hers called Adam, and with another guy called Dave. You'll just have to read it to find out what happen's because I'm not going to give it away, it'll ruin it.

The way I see the world by Tim Baker
A colourful and thought provoking book on where God is in many different issues, and focuses on what the core of our beliefs should be as followers of Jesus. It's filled with statistics and Bible verses to help make our minds up about topics like poverty, sex, supernatural and other things.

Friends first? by Claire Pedrick & Andy Morgan
A practical guide for young people and what their relationships should be like with others, and contemplating whether boy + girl = sex.

Under pressure - How to avoid being squashed by stress by Claire Pedrick & Andy Morgan
For anyone who worries consistently and is paranoid all the time (like me for example, or rather I did worry, until a lot of prayer cleared it all up) nuff said.

A to Z of being a girl of God by Dawnie Reynolds - Deaville
What can I say? This a book that is creative and makes you think. You may look inside and either think 1) oh no, I really hate trying to read text talk, or 2) inwardly cringe and say out loud, the text talk makes it soo cheesy. Wait. Actually read the poems/raps (one for each letter of the alphabet). I found the advice hidden in them very helpful and have really inspired me to be a girl obedient to God's will..

Life, actually ;-) by Jenny Baker
A practical book for all who are considering what to do next in their life. It gives a lot of helpful and practical advice and tells real life stories on people who have not followed the crowd and persued a career they did not expect they would do.
In these shoes
This will soon be continued... watch this space!

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