Thursday, 1 February 2007

Pinch, punch first of the month - no returns!

I can't believe it's February... it still feels like January has gone too fast. I only really realised it was the first of February when I got off the bus... then I told my friend and she said the classic, 'Pinch, punch, fast of the month, no returns.' And I still can't believe its Friday tomorrow.'
Finally I have begun to feel the pressure of coursework... of all kinds... music performance assessments, english essays, history questions and english speaking and listening... I can't wait till next weekend, because at least my performance assessment will be over for this term and I can actually relax to think that I won't have to ring my friend Vicki up at inconvenient times to discuss whether she's feeling better and when we can practice our duet together. There's so little time to practice it now. At least the maths challenge is over too...
I've got another idea for my next message... I'll probably send it a few days before Valentine's Day and I wrote it down in rough last night. Don't worry I'll keep you all posted.

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