Thursday, 8 February 2007

I can't believe we missed school because of snow... I thought they'd still make us come. Just as I was about to leave to walk to the bus stop, the phone rang. My sister picked up,
'Hello,' she croaked, as she's got a cold (so have I and the really annoying thing is that I'm singing this Sunday evening, so I'm not sure whether I'm going to be able to do it or not. It always happens to me, almost every time I'm meant to be singing on Sunday, I have a sore throat or something, and then every other week I'm's rubbish... anyway, back to the story)
My sister then passed over the phone to me, 'It's Jess'. Many thoughts ran through my mind. One was whether she was passing on the message that it was a snow day, but then I dismissed it. 'She's probably asking about homework or something,' I thought. But she said it was a snow day and that we didn't have to go to school. I didn't believe it at first, I had to ring up two other people just to make sure it wasn't a prank... When I did realise they were telling the truth, I was really happy (obviously).
Part of me wants to go back to school tomorrow, and another part really wants to be lazy and stay here.
I still can't believe all the schools in Birmingham were closed, and will be closed tomorrow. This means my cousins who live there don't have to go to school tomorrow. It's probably the same across the country though.
But even though it did snow, it's still a pathetic type of snow... I mean most of it had melted by noon and when I decided to get some fresh air, wrapped up in about four or five layers because I didn't want to make my cold worse, (though its not really a cold cos my nose isn't running, I've just got a sore throat...but anyway, I'm digressing, sorry, I will continue) it had made the pavement really slippery, and the real stuff had melted away. Shame really.
By the way, I've posted my new message up, it's all about Valentine's Day and its titled my e-mail 8/2/07... hope you like it...
Don't catch a cold and if you have one, highlight the bit below for my cure for the cold.
Remember to eat loads of fruit with vitamin C once its gone so you don't catch one so quickly in the end!(Not approved by Scientists as a cure, they are still debating if it actually works... never actually worked for me, but oh well.)
Imogen xxx
P.S. If you didn't like it and thought it was utter rubbish, please post a comment in my guest book and I will amend it (if I can)

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