Sunday, 28 January 2007

My first entry

I'm so glad I found this website... it's really good. The other websites I kept on forgetting my username and things and setting it up was really boring... but as I said again I'm glad I found this website.
I still can't forget the time when my phone went off in the service two weeks ago... oh my days, it was sooooo embarrassing. It wasn't even a little 'beep beep' like everyone elses. Why did it have to be a huge
'BBBBRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAANG' gong noise? And it was an immediate give away it was me because I screwed up my face and kicked my bag extremely hard. I was also in the balcony and my dad was sitting down stairs in the church and he heard it.... oh the shame... Though some people thought it was a drill outside...
And the time last week at the evening guest service when I posted a question in and it got read out.... it wasn't even anything really to do with the sermon at all... it was about how in the letters of the New Testament, Paul says that women should keep silent in church and cover their heads and stuff... I was really confused because it came up in the Bible notes I'm doing at the moment, and I still didn't understand what it meant. I couldn't even believe it got read out, everyone laughed because it was so weird... and the worst of it was I was near the front, so my face must have been a give away that it was mine....
I've learnt two lessons from these experiences
1. Always, always ALWAYS TURN YOUR PHONE OFF IN ANY CHURCH SERVICES! Even if you never ever receive text messages, at all. One day, my friend, the unexpected might happen.
2. If you want to ask your minister/vicar/pastor at church a question... don't stick it in the box for visitors to put their questions, otherwise it'll be très embarrassing and less people will be able to ask more important questions.
With that in mind, in less than an hour, I'll be setting off for the evening service at my church... I'll just leave you with a bible verse before I go...
'God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth."
John 4v 24
God bless... and have a good week!
Imogen xxx

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