Sunday, 28 January 2007


Hi, I'm Imogen and I've created this blog to encourage everyone who is a Christian and may be struggling to tell their friends about what they believe and standing out from the world as a witness for Jesus, or anyone who is a Christian at all.

On the 12th of January 2007, I felt God's prescence very strongly, stronger than ever before and the Holy Spirit inspired me to write an e-mail, which I sent to only a few friends who were Christian at first. I got really positive feedback , so I decided to send it to more people... and then decided to put it on a web page so many people could see it, and I wouldn't have to keep on e-mailing it to people.

I have a feeling I'm going write more articles like the one on the next entry, and if you want them to arrive via e-mail directly to you instead before they come on here, you can drop me a line at
I hope you find that what you read encourages you to stick at being a Christian!

God bless,

Your sister in Christ

Imogen xxx

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